Monday, April 27, 2020

Adventure Stories for Children, with an Element of Grief

As a result of my work I have written five adventure stories for children, but each one also includes an element of grief.

With things as they are, we are all having to face the reality of death - even children. Five stories have been written as a gentle introduction to the fact that people and pets do die, that is is very sad and that it is normal.

This is to get them prepared so that when eventually they do have to experience the death of a pet or loved one, they are not traumatised by something completely unknown.
After some adventure, a different relative or pet dies in each story, and the characters all have different, or no, religion. This means that the funerals are dealt with in varying ways. Overall they show that we may deal with things differently and that this can be accepted.

Mabon the Welsh Dragon

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Funerals During Social Distancing Times

Funerals are difficult enough but the current restrictions, although in everyone's best health interests, can be confusing and difficult. 

Here are some things you might like to know, based on the area around Milton Keynes. Things may be different where you are.

  • Most crematoriums are limiting services to around 10 people who have to be close family. The seating is arranged so that a distance of 2m is between each person.
  • To protect their staff, funeral directors are no longer providing cars to drive the family to a funeral.
  • The coffin is carried in, with the bearers leaving before anyone else enters the chapel.
  • Some crematoriums are discouraging singing hymns.
  • Most crematoriums are asking that the curtains be closed and that no-one goes up to the coffin to touch it once it is in place.

For many families this means that the service is not the true celebration of life that they would have liked and so they are planning to hold a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life, later on in the summer.

If you live in the Milton Keynes,  Bedford,  Northampton,  Wellingborough area and would like to ask about a service, or would like a sympathetic celebrant, please get in touch via the web site


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