Monday, April 27, 2020

Adventure Stories for Children, with an Element of Grief

As a result of my work I have written five adventure stories for children, but each one also includes an element of grief.

With things as they are, we are all having to face the reality of death - even children. Five stories have been written as a gentle introduction to the fact that people and pets do die, that is is very sad and that it is normal.

This is to get them prepared so that when eventually they do have to experience the death of a pet or loved one, they are not traumatised by something completely unknown.
After some adventure, a different relative or pet dies in each story, and the characters all have different, or no, religion. This means that the funerals are dealt with in varying ways. Overall they show that we may deal with things differently and that this can be accepted.

Mabon the Welsh Dragon

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